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WhistleWind Lobotomy Mod

NEW 1.2.0 update! - custom encounters and challenges. A content mod for Inscryption that adds cards and abilities based on the abnormalities from the game Lobotomy Corporation.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_Inscryption-5.4.1901 icon

BepInEx pack for Inscryption. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1901
API_dev-API-2.4.1 icon

The de-facto standard core API for all Inscryption mods. This lets you create new cards, abilities, challenges, map nodes, starter decks, and more.

Preferred version: 2.4.1


WhistleWind's Lobotomy Corp Mod

Face the Fear. Make the Future.

Inspired by KingSlime's own mod of this topic, this is my own take on translating Lobotomy Corp's abnormalities into Inscryption. The cards in this mod are designed to be as faithful to their original counterparts as possible within the framework of Inscryption's gameplay, while still being "balanced".

This mod currently adds all abnormalities from Lobotomy Corp. Broken down, this means:

  • 84 obtainable cards
  • 41 obtainable abilities
  • 6 starter decks for Kaycee's Mod
  • 3 challenges and 1 cheat
  • 1 custom node
  • Plus a few combat events!

⚙️ Dependencies

  • BepInEx-BepInExPack_Inscryption v5.4.1901
  • API_dev-API v2.4.1


The mod's configuration file has been renamed to wstl.inscryption.lobotomycorp.cfg.

Any changes made in the old config file will NOT carry over and must be changed in the new config file after loading the game at least once.

The old config can be safely deleted at your convenience.

🩹 Known Bugs and Issues

Curses Mod Challenge Incompatibility

The Boss Revenge challenge from Infiniscryption's Curses mod will override the Abnormal Boss challenge if both are activate at once.

The Abnormal Boss challenge will still work for Royal since Boss Revenge does not affect him.

PackManager dependency error

If you don't have Infiniscryption's Pack Management API installed you will get an error in the console when this mod is loaded.

YOU CAN IGNORE IT. With 1.2.0 I've added custom pack art for anyone using the Pack API, but it is NOT required for this mod to work properly.

If you encounter any other issues or bugs, please report them to me asap by contacting me on the modding Discord or by opening an issue on the GitHub.

Feel free to contact me with any other feedback you have too!

💌 Credits

Shoutout to Arackulele, divisionbyz0rro, and julien-perge for having public GitHubs for me to reference and stealborrow code from.

Special mention to James Veug's ReadmeMaker mod for providing the cost sprites I use; you're a lifesaver!

Big thanks to Rengar, yam the nokia, Orochi Umbra, and everyone else on the modding Discord that reported bugs to me!

⚖️ Changelog

For a list of previous updates and a full description of the current update, refer to the FULL_CHANGELOG included in the mod package.

Latest Update - v1.2.0

v1.2.0 - Close Encounters of the Abnormal Kind (9/18/2022)

  • 🧱 General
    • Adjusted the descriptions for some configurations to reflect new changes/be clearer.
    • Fixed inaccurate information in the ReadMe
    • Added PackManager compatibility
  • 🩹 Bug fixes
    • Fixed visual bugs with Regenerator, Fungal Infector, and Cursed abilities
    • Fixed Magical Girl Heart's ability not working
    • Fixed 1.76 MHz's cost being wrong
    • Fixed First Brother, Second Brother, Fourth Brother incorrect stats
    • Fixed Fungal Infector not affecting cards that were affected in previous battles
    • Fixed Singing Machine not having an emission
    • Fixed Queen of Hatred and Magical Girl D not functioning as intended
    • Fixed PLague Doctor special ability not activating when on the opponent's side of the board
    • Fixed placeholder descriptions for Grave of Cherry Blossoms, The Little Prince still being present
    • Fixed Witness ability's Rulebook entry displaying an incorrect cost
  • 🔧 Tweaks
    • Revamped Conductor ability to give passive buffs
    • Nettles Clothes ability now shows added abilities
    • The Naked Nest and The Naked Worm are now part of the Insect tribe
    • Tweaked Broodmother, Queen Nest, Serpent's Nest abilities to have drawn cards inherit merged sigils
    • Broodmother, Gift Giver, Queen Nest, Serpent's Nest, Corrector abilities now have opponent support
    • Tweaked sigil icons for Team Leader, Group Healer, Conductor
    • Tweaked a number of cards' descriptions to better fit the game
  • ⚖️ Balancing
    • Yang event now only removes 1 card of the relevant cards at random instead of both
    • Funeral of the Dead Butterflies is no longer Rare
    • Notes from a Crazed Researcher no longer has Volatile
    • WhiteNight no longer heals taken damage
    • Rebalanced The Dreaming Current, Silent Orchestra, Chairs, Funeral of the Dead Butterflies
    • Buffed Void Dream Rooster, Singing Machine Health
    • Nerfed Silent Orchestra stats
  • ➕ Additions
    • Added custom encounters
    • Added 3 Challenges and 1 Cheat
    • Added new config options
    • Added 2 new starter decks
    • Added 10 death cards

🛠️ Configuration Options

Enable Mod True Enables this mod's content.
No Donators False Prevents 7 abnormalities from being obtainable in-game (Backward Clock through Honoured Monk on the ReadMe)
Card Choice at Start False Adds an Abnormality choice node to the start of every region.
All Modular False Makes all non-special abilities modular.
Abnormal Bosses False Part 1 Only - Bosses will only play Abnormality cards.
Abnormal Encounters False Part 1 Only - All regular battles will only use Abnormality cards.
Miracle Worker False Part 1 Only - Leshy will occasionally play Plague Doctor during regular battles. Beware the Clock.
Better Rare Chances False Part 1 Only - Raises the chance of getting a Rare card from the abnormal choice node.
Special Abilities in Rulebook False Adds Rulebook entries for each special ability.
Reveal Select Descriptions Changes the Rulebook entries of certain abilities to properly describe their effect.

⚜️ Special/Hidden Abilities

A number of cards added by this mod possess special abilities that are not found in the Rulebook.

In the spirit of the original game, I won't detail the abilities, only which cards possess one and what triggers it.

You'll need to play with the cards in order to figure out their special ability does 🙃.

View specials
Nameless Fetus Reacts to being sacrificed.
Bloodbath Reacts to cards being sacrificed.
Magical Girl H Reacts to cards dying.
Nothing There Reacts to dying.
Der Freiscütz Reacts to dealing damage.
Crumbling Armour Reacts to adjacent cards.
Magical Girl S Reacts to adjacent cards.
Mountain of Smiling Bodies Reacts to killing cards.
CENSORED Reacts to killing cards.
Judgement Bird Reacts to attacking cards.
Today's Shy Look Reacts to being drawn.
Army in Pink Reacts to adjacent cards.
Melting Love Reacts to taking damage.
Yang Reacts to adjacent cards.
Giant Tree Sap Reacts to being sacrificed.
Big Bird Reacts to ally cards.
Plague Doctor Reacts to ability activation.
Blue Star Reacts to combat phase.

✨ Abilities

View abilities


  • Totem indicates the ability can be found on totem bases and on cards from den trials.
  • Stacks means the ability can stack with itself, activating once for every instance of the ability.
Punisher When a card bearing this sigil is struck, the striker is killed. Yes
Bloodfiend When a card bearing this sigil deals damage to an opposing card, it gains 1 Health. Yes Yes
Martyr When a card bearing this sigil dies, all allied creatures gain 2 Health. Yes Yes
Aggravating While this card is on the board, all opposing cards gain 1 Power.
Team Leader While this card is on the board, all other ally cards gain 1 Power.
Idol While this card is on the board, all opposing cards lose 1 Power.
Conductor While this card is on the board, adjacent cards gain 1 Power. After 1 turn on the board, all ally cards gain 1 Power instead. After 2 turns, also reduce the opposing card's Power by 1. After 3 turns, also gain Power equal to the number of cards on this side of the board.
Woodcutter When a card moves into the space opposing this card, deal damage equal to this card's Power to it.
Frozen Heart When this card dies, the killer gains 1 Health.
Ruler of Frost When this card is played, create a Block of Ice in each opposing space to the left and right of this card. If either slot is occupied by a card with 1 Health, kill it and create a Frozen Heart in its place.
Root When this card is played, Vines are created on adjacent empty spaces. A Vine is defined as: 1 Power, 1 Health. Yes
Broodmother When a card bearing this sigil is struck, create a Spiderling in your hand. A Spiderling is defined as: 0 Power, 1 Health, Fledgling. Yes
Cursed When a card bearing this sigil dies, turn the killer into a copy of this card. Yes
Healer This card will heal a selected ally for 2 Health.
Queen Nest While this card is on the board, create a Worker Bee in your hand when a card dies. A Worker Bee is defined as: 1 Power, 1 Health. Yes
Bitter Enemies A card bearing this sigil gains 1 Power when another card on this board also bears this sigil. Yes Yes
Courageous If an adjacent card has more than 1 Health, it loses 1 Health and gains 1 Power. This effect can activate twice for a maximum of -2 Health and +2 Power. Stat changes persist until battle's end.
Serpent's Nest When a card bearing this sigil is struck, a Worm is created in your hand and the striker is dealt 1 damage. A worm is defined as: 1 Power, 1 Health. Yes
Assimilator When a card bearing this sigil attacks an opposing creature and it perishes, this card gains 1 Power and 1 Health. Yes Yes
Group Healer While this card is on the board, all allies whose Health is below its maximum regain 1 Health at the end of the opponent's turn.
Reflector When this card is struck, the striker is dealt damage equal to the striker's Power. Yes
Flag Bearer Adjacent cards gain 2 Health. Yes
Grinder This card gains the stats of the cards sacrificed to play it. Yes
The Train Activate: Pay 6 bones to kill all cards on the board, including this card. Cards killed this way do not drop bones.
Burning The opposing card takes 1 damage at the end of their owner's turn. Yes Yes
Regenerator Adjacent cards gain 1 Health at the end of the opponent's turn. Yes
Volatile When this card dies, adjacent and opposing cards are dealt 10 damage. Yes
Gift Giver When this card is played, create a random card in your hand.
Piercing When this card strikes a card, deal 1 overkill damage if applicable. Yes Yes
Scrambler When this card is sacrificed, add its stats onto the card it was sacrificed to, then scramble that card's stats. Yes
Gardener When an ally card dies, create a Sapling in their place. A Sapling is defined as: 0 Power, 2 Health.
Made of Slime Adjacent cards with greater than 1 Health are turned into Slimes at the start of the owner's turn. A Slime is defined as: 1 Power, X - 1 Health, Made of Slime.
Marksman You may choose which opposing space a card bearing this sigil strikes.
Protector Adjacent cards take 1 less damage from attacks.
Quick Draw When a creature moves into the space opposite this card, they take 1 damage. Yes
Alchemist Activate: Pay 3 bones to discard your current hand and draw cards equal to the number of cards discarded.
Time Machine Activate: End the current battle or phase and remove this card from the player's deck. Remove an additional card from the deck based on their power level.
Nettle Clothes When a card bearing this sigil is played, create a random Brother in all empty slots on the owner's side of the board. This card gains special abilities depending on what Brothers are on the board.
Fungal Infector At the end of the owner's turn, adjacent cards gain 1 Spore. Cards with Spore take damage equal to their Spore at turn's end and create a Spore Mold Creature in their slot on death. A Spore Mold Creature is defined as: [ Spore ] Power, [ Spore ] Health.
Witness Activate: Pay 2 bones to increase a selected card's Health by 2 and increase their taken damage by 1. This effect stacks up to 3 times per card.
Corrector A card bearing this sigil has its stats randomly changed according to its cost. Yes
Apostle Thou wilt abandon flesh and be born again.
True Saviour My story is nowhere, unknown to all.
Confession and Pentinence Activate: Keep faith with unwavering resolve.

📜 Obtainable Cards

View cards


  • Singleton - Can only have one copy in your deck at a time.
  • Poisonous - Kills survivors when eaten at the Campfire.
  • X - Variable, typically based on another card or status effect.
  • S - Spilled Blood, gains Power equal to the number of sacrifices this turn.
  • M - Mirror, gains Power equal to the opposing card's Power.
Standard Training-Dummy Rabbit 0/1
Scorched Girl 1/1 Volatile
One Sin and Hundreds of Good Deeds 0/1 Martyr
Magical Girl H 2/2 Singleton
⤷ The Queen of Hatred 7/2 Airborne Singleton
Happy Teddy Bear 3/2 Stinky
Red Shoes 0/3 Sharp Quills
Theresia 0/2 Healer
Old Lady 1/2 Stinky
Nameless Fetus 0/1 Worthy Sacrifice
The Lady Facing the Wall 0/2 Punisher
Nothing There X/X Rare
1.76 MHz 0/3 Leader
Singing Machine 0/8 Team Leader
The Silent Orchestra 1/5 Conductor Rare
Warm-Hearted Woodsman 2/3 Woodcutter
The Snow Queen 1/3 Frost Ruler
⤷ Block of Ice 0/1
⤷ Frozen Heart 0/1 Frozen Heart
Big Bird 2/4 Singleton Avian
All-Around Helper 1/3 Sprinter
Bifurcated Strike
Snow White's Apple 1/3 Roots Poisonous
⤷ Thorny Vines 0/1 X
Sharp Quills
Spider Bud 0/2 Broodmother Insect
⤷ Spiderling 0/1 Fledgling Insect
⤷ Spider Brood 1/3 Insect
Beauty and the Beast 1/1 Cursed Hooved
Plague Doctor 0/3 Airborne
Don't Touch Me 0/1 Punisher
Rudolta of the Sleigh 2/3 Sprinter
Gift Giver
Queen Bee 0/6 Queen Nest Insect
⤷ Worker Bee 1/1 Insect
Bloodbath S/1 Goat
Opened Can of WellCheers 1/2 Sprinter
Alriune 4/5 Sprinter Hooved
Forsaken Murderer 4/1
Child of the Galaxy 1/4 Flag Bearer
Bone Digger
Punishing Bird 1/1 Flying
Singleton Avian
Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary 2/3 Marksman
Bitter Enemies
Big and Will be Bad Wolf 3/2 Bitter Enemies Canine
You're Bald... 1/1 Fecundity
Fragment of the Universe 1/3 Piercing
Crumbling Armour 0/3 Courageous
Judgement Bird 1/1 Marksman Singleton Avian
Apocalypse Bird 3/8 Omni Strike
Bifurcated Strike
Magical Girl D 0/3 Fledgling Singleton
⤷ The King of Greed 4/5 Hefty Singleton
The Little Prince 1/4 Spores
⤷ Spore Mold Creature X/X X X
Laetitia 1/2 Gift Giver
⤷ Laetitia's Friend 2/2 Insect
Funeral of the Dead Butterflies 3/3 Double Strike
Dream of a Black Swan 2/5 Clothes Made of Nettles Rare Avian
⤷ First Brother 0/1 Double Strike
⤷ Second Brother 0/1
⤷ Third Brother 0/3 Reflector
⤷ Fourth Brother 0/2 Touch of Death
⤷ Fifth Brother 0/2 Sharp Quills
⤷ Sixth Brother 0/2 Stinky
The Dreaming Current 3/2 Rampager
The Burrowing Heaven 0/2 Burrower>br>Sharp Quills
Magical Girl S 2/4 Protector Rare
⤷ The Knight of Despair 2/4 Bifurcated Strike
The Naked Nest 0/2 Serpent's Nest Poisonous
⤷ Naked Worm 1/1
Mountain of Smiling Bodies 2/1 Assimilator Rare
Schadenfreude 0/1 Quick Draw
Touch of Death
The Heart of Aspiration 1/2 Leader
Notes from a Crazed Researcher 0/3 Flag Bearer
Flesh Idol 0/2 Group Healer
Giant Tree Sap 0/2 Morsel
Mirror of Adjustment M/1 Woodcutter
Shelter from the 27th of March 0/1 Aggravating
Fairy Festival 1/1 Bloodfiend
Meat Lantern 1/2 Punisher
Mighty Leap
We can Change Anything 1/2 Grinder
Express Train to Hell 0/1 The Train Rare
Scarecrow Searching for Wisdom 1/3 Bloodfiend
Dimensional Refraction Variant 4/4 Amorphous
CENSORED 6/3 Bloodfiend Rare
Skin Prophecy 0/2 Witness
Portrait of Another World 0/4 Reflector
Today's Shy Look 1/2
Blue Star 0/2 Fledgling(2) Rare
⤷ Blue Star 2/6 Assimilator
Omni Strike
You Must be Happy 0/2 Scrambler
Luminous Bracelet 0/2 Regenerator
Behaviour Adjustment 0/1 Corrector
Old Faith and Promise 0/1 Alchemist
Porccubus 1/2 Touch of Death Poisonous
Void Dream 1/1 Fledgling
⤷ Void Dream 2/3 Stinky Hooved
Grave of Cherry Blossoms 0/2 Sharp Quills
The Firebird 1/3 Burning
Yin 0/3 Regenerator Singleton
Yang 2/3 Strafe
Backward Clock 0/1 Time Machine Rare
Il Pianto della Luna 1/7 Group Healer
Army in Pink 3/3 Protector
Army in Black 2/1 Volatile
Ppodae 1/1 Stinky
⤷ Ppodae 3/2 Stinky Canine
Parasite Tree 0/3 Gardener
⤷ Sapling 0/2 X
Melting Love 4/2 Made of Slime Rare
⤷ Slime 1/X-1 X X
Made of Slime
Honoured Monk 2/1 Fledgling
⤷ Clouded Monk 4/2

🗃️ Starter Decks

Level indicates the Challenge Level at which the deck is unlocked (0 means it's always unlocked)

Starter Deck Cards Level
First Day One Sin and Hundreds of Good Deeds
Fairy Festival
Old Lady
Lonely Friends Scorched Girl
Child of the Galaxy
Road to Oz Wolf Cub
Scarecrow Searching for Wisdom
Warm-Hearted Woodsman
Blood Machines We Can Do Anything
All-Around Helper
Singing Machine
Magical Girls! Magical Girl H
Magical Girl D
Magical Girl S
Twilight Punishing Bird
Big Bird
Judgement Bird

💀 Challenges and Cheats

Challenge Description Points
Abnormal Bosses One Sin and Hundreds of Good Deeds
Fairy Festival
Old Lady
Abnormal Encounters Scorched Girl
Child of the Galaxy
Miracle Worker Wolf Cub
Scarecrow Searching for Wisdom
Warm-Hearted Woodsman
Better Rare Chances We Can Do Anything
All-Around Helper
Singing Machine

Custom Card Choice Node

This special node can be found randomly as a card choice after battles and draws exclusively from this mod's pool of cards (including Rares!).

Cards are chosen based on an internal 'Risk Level' system that splits all cards into five categories, based on their general power level.

The chances of cards with a certain 'Risk level' appearing as a choice change as you progress in a run according to the table below.

Map # Zayin Teth He Waw Rare
1 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%
2 30% 30% 20% 20% 4%*
3 25% 25% 25% 25% 8%*

*This percentage is halved in Kaycee's Mod.

🕓 Closing Notes

Another update! This one took longer than I expected. I didn't realise how complicated the bosses could be, but it was a fun experience! It was good practice for the future...

Anyhow, this will likely be the last update for a while as I return to college. The next update I have planned is also pretty large in scope, so that'll lengthen things.

Hope to see you then, and thanks for playing my mod! <3

Quick list of planned updates:

  • Further balancing, tweaking, bug fixes, and general refinement of what's currently added (feedback is welcomed and encouraged!).
  • Expansion pack of Library of Ruina abnormalities

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2022-9-19 1.2.0 150 Version 1.2.0 Install
2022-8-27 1.1.1 403 Version 1.1.1 Install
2022-8-22 1.1.0 143 Version 1.1.0 Install
2022-7-23 1.0.7 756 Version 1.0.7 Install
2022-7-4 1.0.6 579 Version 1.0.6 Install
2022-7-3 1.0.5 28 Version 1.0.5 Install
2022-6-30 1.0.4 177 Version 1.0.4 Install
2022-6-30 1.0.3 18 Version 1.0.3 Install
2022-6-28 1.0.2 55 Version 1.0.2 Install
2022-6-27 1.0.1 51 Version 1.0.1 Install
2022-6-27 1.0.0 43 Version 1.0.0 Install