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Grimora Mod Revenant Card Pack.

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Compatibility update... again! Probably the biggest and most ambitious mod. Gives Grimora a full act!

Preferred version: 2.10.1


Grimora Mod Revenant Card Pack

A Grimora Mod Expansion Pack consists of mainly cards that return to the player.
(Revenant Rare Card included elsewhere)

New Sigils

Name Description
Evocation Activate: Pay 3 Energy to return a non-brittle ally creature that perished after this card was drawn to your hand.
Comfort Aura Creatures adjacent to this card gain 1 max health, and gain 1 health at the end of the owner's turn.
Corpse Party When a non-brittle ally creature perishes, a Zombie enters your hand. A Zombie is defined as: 1 Power, 1 Health.
Exciseman When a card bearing this sigil is played, bones equal to the cost of the opposing creature are granted to the player, up to 12.
Maternal While a card bearing this sigil is on the board, other adjacent ally creatures are incrybed by Waterborne.
Grudge Collector A card bearing this sigil on the board gains 1 power for every 2 times other ally creatures are hit.
Ignition A card bearing this sigil gains 1 power at the cost of 1 health after each turn on the board.
Ignite When a card bearing this sigil perishes, its owner chooses a creature to gain the Ignition sigil.
Digger Latch At the end of the owner's turn, a card bearing this sigil will generate 1 Bone. When a card bearing this sigil perishes, its owner chooses a creature to gain the Digger Latch sigil.
Lingering Haunter When a card bearing this sigil perishes, it leaves all its sigils in the space where it dies. The first creature played in this space gains all the old sigils.
Relentless Revenant When a card bearing this sigil perishes, it returns to your deck.
Soothing Meadows All creatures on the board gain 1 health on upkeep.
Calamity Effusion When a card bearing this sigil perishes, all creatures on the board take 1 damage.

New Cards

Common Cards

Name Attack HP Sigils Cost
Combustor 0 4 Ignition 4 Bones
Hastur M!rror 3 Blood Lust 4 Bones
Harbinger 2 2 Brittle, Leader 4 Bones
Bendy 1 1 Skeleton Crew, Sentry 5 Bones
Nekros 1 2 Corpse Party 5 Bones
Misplayed Stoat 1 3 Touch of Death 6 Bones
Dr Bones 2 4 Marrow Sucker 8 Bones
Undertaker 0 1 Digger Latch 2 Bones
Undead Village 0 6 Grudge Collector 6 Bones
Undead Civilian 2 1 Ignite 3 Bones, 2 Energy
Ralsei 0 3 Comfort Aura 3 Energy
Amami Rabbit 0 1 Maternal, Rabbit Hole 1 Blood

Rare Cards

Name Attack HP Sigils Cost
Nekros Prime 1 2 Evocation 3 Bones
Possessed Limbs 0 2 Sentry, Fledgling 2 4 Bones
⤷ Reanimated 1 4 Sentry 2, Guardian 4 Bones
Flembones 0 2 Possessive, Guardian 4 Bones, 4 Energy
Fulmine Skull 1 1 Lit Fuse, Unkillable 2 Bones, 2 Energy
Yurei 1 1 Lingering Haunter 6 Energy
Unc Pennybones 1 2 Exciseman 6 Energy
Inochi 1 2 Soothing Meadows 3 Energy
⤷ Inochi 1 2 Calamity Effusion 6 Energy
Orochi Umbra 2 2 Relentless Revenant 6 Energy


Huge thanks to Anne Bean for art support and ideas for the majority of the card pack!

Thanks to Catboy Stinkbug, Cevin2006, maatthewcaffee for assisting on some sigil art and portraits.
Thanks to Arackulele, Bitty45, Julian Mods, Special API, Whistle Wind for assisting on some code work.


This is an open beta release, feel free to @Orochi Umbra#9731 and provide feed back in the Grimora Mod Server :)

Available versions

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