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My Little Pony FIM Card Pack

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic cards for Inscryption!

By Bone
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BepInEx pack for Inscryption. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1901
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The de-facto standard core API for all Inscryption mods. This lets you create new cards, abilities, challenges, map nodes, starter decks, and more.

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This is a BepInEx plugin made for Incryption to create custom cards using JSON files and the API. It can currently parse custom cards and pass them to InscryptionAPI to load them into the game.

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A very large collection of sigils for modders to use. 100+ sigils, and some vanilla tweaks

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My Little Pony Card Pack!

MLP Card pack made by Bone#2494! Art all by me, inspired by the show of course, some characters aren't canon to the show, such as The Candy Mare, the "???" card, and The Vicious Pony card. ##Special thanks to the folks in the Inscryption Modding discord for card balance advice, art advice, and for being cool :) ##Thank you FriskDreemurr#3913 (nicknamed FireFi in the discord) for coming up with some of the leshy quotes for certain cards!

Developed mainly with KCM in mind!


Just uh, use the mod manager and ya oughta be good to go. report issues to Bone#2494 on discord!


34 total cards! 12 of which are rare cards.

"Friendship Pony" Twilight Sparkle

Costs 2 blood Cards-in-hand/3 Flying defense sigil. Works very well with the "Kindness Pony" card, since when hit she drops bees, and when you put her down she gives a rabbit.

"Laughter Pony" Pinkie Pie

Costs 1 blood 1/2 Clingy sigil. Good basic card, you can move her where you like usually because of the clingy sigil.

"DJ Pony" Vinyl Scratch AKA DJ Pon3

Costs 1 blood 0/2 Alpha's "buff neighbors" sigil. Works pretty alright with the field mice sigil, putting 2 on the board means they buff each other. All it takes is one campfire, a field mice card, and a sigil transfer, and you got yourself a card that can duplicate itself and do 4 damage to the board. Decent throwaway defense card too.

"Kindness Pony" Fluttershy

Costs 1 blood 0/2 Rabbit sigil, and beehive sigil. Kind of just a better warren, admittedly. A warren could still be better though if you're building a bug deck, and you're using totems! Makes sure you can use most 2 cost cards right away.

"Discord" Discord

Costs 3 blood 4/3 Amorphous Sigil, Annoying Sigil, Detonator Sigil. A fairly chaotic and risky card to use, has good stats but god knows if he's going to help you or screw you over. Detonator could be good in combo with the changeling cards, as they're bone cards and if you use the changeling starter deck, you'll have a lot of changelings.

"Generous Pony" Rarity

Costs 2 blood Mirror/1 Magpie Sigil, Free item. Pretty okay, but if im being honest I usually put the sigils on a cheaper card, like Kindness Pony.

"Loyal Pony" Rainbow Dash

Costs 2 blood 2/2 Strafe Sigil, Flying. This card makes your deck 20% cooler with it's good stats and dodging abilities. (20% joke was obligatory im sorry)

"Honesty Pony" Applejack

Costs 2 blood 1/5 Mole Sigil. Wonderful defense card, can take at least one hit from the angler's sharks. Can't blocking flying, however.

"Crusader Fillies" Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetiebelle

Costs 1 bood 1/1 Tri-strike Sigil. Mantis god clone that will work with your hooved decks. Very cute.

"Rock Pony" Maud Pie

Costs 1 blood 0/1 Stone Sigil, Ice Cube sigil. Drops a boulder when killed. Just okay, always looks bored.

"Vicious Pony" Pinkamena

Costs 3 blood 4/4 Vicious Sigil(VoidSigils), Bloodlust Sigil. Serial Killer card, nearly unstoppable in a lot of cases, preys on the weak.

"Derpy Pony" Derpy Hooves/ Ditzy / Muffins

Costs 1 blood 1/1 Flying, Random Strike(VoidSigils) Really cute card, useful VS the trapper's strange frogs. Adds decent additional damage to your board, can be OP given the right run.

"Tricky Pony" Trixie

Costs 2 blood Bell/3 Drawrandomcardondeath Sigil, Poison Sigil(VoidSigils) Good card to kill strong cards with, just put her in front of a strong card and let them kill her.

"Wonderbolt Pony" Spitfire

Costs 3 blood 3/4 Sniper Sigil Will tactically hit any space on the board that you wish. A true professional.

"Spectral Filly" Creepypasta OC

Costs 2 blood 0/1 Fletchling Sigil Wait 2 turns for this card to become something monsterous.

"The Candy Mare" Creepypasta OC

Costs 4 blood 7/5 Spiky Sigil. An absolute beast. Difficult to get out due to how the Spectral Filly works.

"Peace Pony" Starlight

Costs 1 blood 1/2 Brittlelatch Sigil Card is meant to be played in front of a strong card, when killed you can pick any card to perish next turn.

"Dragon Child" Spike the Dragon.

Free 0/1 Bait Sigil(allthesigils... i think) Probably secretly OP. like the geck, gives you a free sacrifice.

"Evil Unicorn" King Sombra.

Costs 4 blood Sacrifices-this-turn/9 Deadly Sigil(the one the adder has) Weird ass card, probably not worth it unless you just need 4 damage, as it will only do 4 damage it's first turn, unless you use a goat. Not every card has to be good.

"Changeling Queen" Queen Chrysalis

Costs 9 bones 4/3 Opponentbones Sigil, Trample (voidsigils) In a normal deck she probably is not gonna get played unless you have a bone focused deck. Good for getting overkill, or if you're becoming overwhelmed, as she deals damage to the board even when hitting a card, assuming she does overkill.

"Changeling Drone" Just a changeling

Costs 2 bones Bonedigger Sigil better possum, generates bones.

"Changeling Brute" Just a changeling

Costs 5 bones 2/2 Opponentbones Sigil Pretty alright.

"???" Creepypasta OC

Costs 6 bones half-the-bones/1 Repulsive Sigil Can't hit a porcupine or it dies. Good at keeping damage off your board, has potential to do wild damage if you have a lot of bones. Likely won't do damage in it's first turn if you're struggling to generate bones.

"Sun Alicorn" Princess Celestia

Costs 3 blood 2/5 Immortal, Double Strike Sigil. Solid 3 blood card. One campfire could make it an OTK.

"Moon Alicorn" Princess Luna

Costs 3 blood 2/3 Immortal, Desperation Sigil(Voidsigils) Pretty damn strong, an OTK if you can get her out on the first turn with a goat.

"Merchant Brothers" Flim and Flam

Costs 2 blood 1/3 Tri-strike Sigil Mantis with more health.

"Trusty Stallion" Bic Mac

Costs 1 blood 1/2 Thick Shell (VoidSigils) Solid Card, Will take no damage vs a card with 1 power.

"SWAG_BOT" R-Dash 5000

Costs 5 energy 1/2 Omnistrike Sigil, Detonator Sigil Great for cleaning up leshy's side of the board, but not great at dealing damage directly to the board. Also, cant be sacrificed unless you want to kill the cards next to it.

"Sweetie_Bot" SweetieBot

Costs 4 energy 2/1 Nano Shield Decent card, will block any incoming damage regardless of the amount at least once.

"Nurse Pony" Nurse Redheart

Costs 1 blood 0/3 Tribe Attack Sigil (allthesigils, i think) Good for buffing all pony cards, but at the same time will buff opponents of the same tribe as well, so watch out.

"Bat Pony" Flutterbat

Costs 3 bones 1/2 Corpse Eater, Flying. Surprisingly good.

"Sniper Pony" Secret Agent Bon-Bon

Costs 2 blood 2/1 Sniper Sigil. Good for taking out whatever card you need, assuming it has no more than 2 health.

"Mare" Lyra

Costs 1 blood 1/2 No Sigils Basic bitch stoat card.

Side Deck Cards

"Changeling" Just a changeling.

Free 1/1 Brittle Sigil Basically a skeleton. good because it can take out 1 health cards, but it cant block damage because it dies right away.

Starter Decks

I tried to focus only on making interesting Starter Decks, and nothing you've already seen before. NOTE that i did not make act 2 portraits for these cardm so they wont have portraits on the starter deck screen. i was getting burned out near the end there so i didnt feel like it.

Spectral Filly Starter Deck

  • Spectral Filly
  • Kindness Pony
  • Mare
  • Bat Pony
  • Centered around the Spectral Filly card, this deck is kinda hard to use in my experience, given how the Spectral Filly works.

Changeling Starter Deck

  • 2 Changeling Drones
  • Changeling Brute
  • Changeling Queen
  • You should probably use the changeling side deck for this one. Mostly uses bones, so can be weird to play with.

Sci-Fi Starter Deck

  • Swag_Bot
  • Sweetie_Bot
  • DJ Pony
  • Sniper Pony
  • This deck's strongest cards are energy cards with a high cost, so you'd better hope you can survive until the funny energy meter hits 4.

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